Program Overview

How The Program Works: 3 Phases

Home Care Leadership Academy is a membership that encompasses learning, coaching, consulting and done-for-you services through three distinct phases. The process initiates with an in-person event that guides you through the essentials to build a solid, profitable business model, empowering you to expand with assurance. The program continues with virtual sessions that you can engage at any point and revisit these classes as frequently as you wish during your membership.

Phase 1: Establishing the Groundwork

We invite you to the IHCA Executive Workshop. This in-person workshop is unlike any other industry conference because they’re only for independent non-franchise agencies that are already operating & serving clients and caregivers alike in their communities. It’s exactly as it sounds…a workshop; therefore, you are sure to leave with actionable discoveries to improve your agency.

The IHCA Executive Workshop addresses the following areas typically covering: talent management, leadership, recruitment & hiring, people & culture, finance & accounting, payroll, human resources, sales & marketing, technology & software, led by our CEO Kunu Kaushal. In addition, every attendee gets a professional headshot. Attendees receive assessments and results about their individual leadership styles to become more self aware and effective in their roles.

Kunu Kashaul Independent Home Care Alliance

Kunu Kaushal

Founder & CEO

Our Next IHCA Executive Workshop is March 6-7, 2024

This is an in-person event that guides you through the essentials to build a solid, profitable business model, empowering you to expand with assurance.

Phase 2: Training in 8 Entrepreneurial Disciplines

After the workshop, we will offer NEW sessions encompassing the following 8 entrepreneurial disciplines to facilitate your continuousgrowth. These sessions occur multiple times a month for 11 months following the Executive Workshop. These sessions are only availableto Performance Group Members and leaders within their organizations. Bring your administrator, directors, schedulers, recruiters, nurses, and others to these focused sessions!

We will unveil a repository of resources and training modules focusing on operations, sales, recruitment, management, leadership, goal formulation, and much more. You will receive monthly executive roundtables where owners and leaders come together to discuss their most pressing issues and concerns.

Additionally, you will have access to monthly “How To” calls where our seasoned members will demonstrate their successful strategies in various business aspects, whether it be enhancing referrals, augmenting pricing, offering advanced home care solutions, recruiting top-notch personnel, and dozens of other topics directly pertinent to your expansion.


  • Your Vision and Mission

  • Company Values and Culture

  • Goal Formulation for Your Company

  • KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)

  • Entrepreneurial Productivity Strategies


  • The 4 Pillars of Operations Strategy

  • Your Value Proposition and Brand Promise

  • The 4 Primary Operations Wellsprings

  • Your CRM Platform and List Development


  • Developing Systems and Processes

  • Establishing Work Standards

  • Your Organizational Chart of Divisions and Roles

  • Performance-Oriented Management


  • Timing and Criteria for Hiring

  • Recruitment Systems to Sidestep Unsuitable Candidates

  • Training Systems

  • Employee Evaluations and Standards


  • Structuring and Pricing Service Plans

  • Profitable Pricing Strategies

  • Service Fulfillment Systems and Teams

  • Necessary Tools and Software

  • SOPs, Systems


  • Sales Team Composition and Personnel

  • Quotas and Compensation Structures

  • Sales Playbook

  • Measurement, KPIs


  • Simplifying Business Financials

  • Strategies for Enhancing Profitability

  • Your Blueprint to Add $1 Million Profitably

  • Understanding Crucial Financial Metrics


  • Adequate Insurance Coverage

  • Cybersecurity for Your Home Care Agency

  • Appropriate Contracts

  • Debt Elimination, Building Cash Reserves

Phase 3: Ongoing Development

After attending the Executive Workshop and 11 months of deep-dive topics, you are enrolled in the ongoing training and meetings as a GRADUATE. As a graduate, you’ll receive an opportunity to continue your membership with a discount and access to ongoing training available to members. Members receive access to additional offerings like:

Monthly Mastermind Meetings

Monthly Educational Webinars

Annual Leadership Summit Ticket Discount

Operations and Benchmarking Deep Dive

Quarterly Custom Flyers

In-Person Training Opportunities

Vendor Discounts

Listed in IHCA Directory

IHCA Webstore Discounts

IHCA Digital Seal of Approval

Home care agency owners often feel bogged down by the constant struggle to find new clients and the caregivers to care for those new clients. Plus, keeping up with the never-ending stream of office tasks associated with managing a business can almost make it not worth the stress. The program guides you through structuring your operations to be less stressful and more effective.

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