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The Independent Home Care Alliance is a unique national membership-based organization working exclusively with independent home care agencies, major industry vendors and leaders who share best practices and other industry knowledge in a closed community of our peers.

Founded by Kunu Kaushal in 2019, the IHCA intent is to focus on joining hands and collaborating with independent home care owners to give them a competitive edge by standardizing operations, human resources, marketing, back-office support, to enable a more productive and profitable organization. In 2010 Kunu established Senior Solutions Home Care and built it into one of the largest independent home care agencies in the country. Many of the vendors that IHCA work with have been road-tested in the Senior Solutions environment or are established industry leaders.

Agencies who join the IHCA network get access to a multitude of benefits like established best practices, group discounts, expert webinars, curated vendors, performance coaching, operations support, and much more!


Powerful Marketing


Caregiver Recruitment


Staff Training


Agency Consulting


Payroll Management


Accounting Services


Exclusive Vendor Deals


Automation Tech

Why Join IHCA?

Home care agency owners often feel bogged down by the constant struggle to find new clients and the caregivers to care for those new clients. Plus, keeping up with the never-ending stream of office tasks associated with managing a business can almost make it not worth the stress.

Imagine how it would simplify your life if you could pass off all of those mundane and stressful tasks necessary for running a business, like hiring, training, payroll, accounting, HR, and marketing, to someone else. Well, you don’t have to imagine anymore, because that is exactly what we do. Let us handle the operational tasks so you can focus solely on what you love: providing excellent care to your clients.

Grow your company and your team!

  • Effective marketing
  • Proven recruitment and retention success techniques
  • Automated, tech-driven processes to standardize best practices in your company
  • Increase community presence through our proven methods

Exclusive deals with top vendors

  • Pre-negotiated discounts with the industry’s top vendors
  • Access to best practices from the nation’s top home care legal practitioners
  • An advisory board that defines and redefines standards for membership

Let experts manage your company for you

  • Shared back-office operations across Recruitment, HR, Finance, Payroll, and Marketing.
  • Staff and leadership training opportunities
  • Agency networking and consulting, via virtual and onsite workshops

Hear what others have to say

“…I have been extremely grateful for the IHCA huddles and opportunities that were held throughout the past year. I looked forward to the Wednesday calls and connecting with other owners. The support and knowledge that was shared during these calls as well as the knowledge that there were other folks out there doing what I was doing; that could offer insight and ideas to help my organization grow and at some times, offer the support that we would survive the pandemic and we were not alone.”

-Melissa H. Morrison/At Home Care

“After having owned multiple independent home care agencies, I am excited for the opportunity to work together with other owners to streamline processes. This will help owners focus on growth opportunities while not being distracted with essential basic requirements that each company has to provide…”

-Jake Fackrell/”A First Name Basis” Home Care Agency

“…I believe that creating this community of independent agencies can also be helpful in developing a talent pool of administrative staff to share training, best practices, and upward mobility/growth opportunities – within the community – that make member agencies stronger as a whole (e.g. recruitment for specific roles, job placement, faster on-boarding of new staff with standard training programs, etc.).”

-Juan Tuason/Paragon Home Care

“I’m really excited for the opportunity to work with other individuals who are passionate about providing care to our elderly population. Our elderly should be cherished and our way of doing this is by making sure they get the care they deserve..”

-John Bennett/Sunny Days In-Home Care

“I believe this is a great opportunity for our industry!”

-Aaron Stapleton/Queen City Homecare

We created the best home care industry HR, Billing & Marketing Systems to help independent agencies grow

IHCA Membership Levels



We foster a community of independent home care owners and their operators on a local and national level. IHCA offers three membership levels to meet the needs of independent agencies where they are today, and to empower them where they want to “grow” tomorrow.



Top features:


IHCA Digital Seal of Approval


Vendor Discounts


Listed in IHCA Directory


Monthly Educational Webinars


IHCA Webstore Discounts


Monthly Marketing Kits


Monthly Marketing Kits

Performance Group


All the benefits of Membership, plus:


Monthly Mastermind Meetings


Operations and Benchmarking Deep Dive


Annual Leadership Summit Ticket Discount


Quarterly Custom Flyers


In-Person Training Opportunities


Regional Conferences


Logo Refresh


Elevate Monthly Marketing Kit


Let experts manage your company for you while you focus on taking care of your clients. Our powered partners enjoy shared back-office operations across Recruitment, HR, Finance, Payroll, and Marketing.

Vendor Partnerships & Sponsorships

Independent Home Care Alliance National Office

The Home Care Institute of Learning in Nashville empowers our registered agencies

The Independent Home Care Alliance HQ is the first of its kind: a physical site dedicated to the education and professional development of independent home care professionals! The Independent Home Care Alliance HQ is designed to provide hands-on, practical resources, workshops, seasonal conferences, bootcamps, and virtual consultants for industry leaders who want to sharpen their operational standards!

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