Kunu is the Founder & CEO of Senior Solutions, Founder of the Independent Home Care Alliance (IHCA), and Past President of the Tennessee Association for Home Care (TAHC). With his grandparents as his first clients, he opened Senior Solutions in 2010, and in its 10+ years of operation, the company has added service lines in transportation, nutrition, care management, transition services, and veteran care solutions, all while expanding to 20+ offices, all 95 counties in Tennessee, and the metro Atlanta, Georgia area.

Kunu recognized a need for independent non-franchise home care company owners and operators to have a safe place in which to collaborate sharing best practices, resources, and encouragement. He had this vision prior to the pandemic, but with the pandemic the need became more amplified. IHCA Industry Insights is just one avenue of how IHCA provides value to home care company owners and operators. It is our desire to share these insights, to collaborate, and to support. Educate, Empower, Elevate! Don’t be shy and feel free to submit questions between now and then or come prepared with questions for Kunu during his live industry update. We will do our best to address each one submitted and each one posted in the comments during the live IHCA Industry Insights session.

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