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Our Mission

Home Care Matters is an Aging In Place provider of care services to (primarily) seniors in their home environment.  We allow them to remain in their homes where they want to be; happily, safely and independently, so they can age in place with dignity and grace.

About Home Care Matters

What We Do To Help You

Families hire us to help their loved ones lead dignified, independent lifestyles in the comfort and safety of their own home. Clients know their experience with us is our primary focus; we are obsessed with our service to them. Our clients hire us because we fully understand their specific needs. We know their care is personal and individual.

Why Our Difference Benefits You

Our families trust us with the care of their loved ones, because we can give them custom, flexible options with a local advantage, as an independent, community- based business in their neighborhood.

How We Out Service the Rest, for Your Family

We look at personality in addition to physical needs of every individual client and family. They openly credit our compassion and expertise to place our trained personnel, exclusively to meet their needs.

Who We Partner With To Advocate You

Our clients, their physicians and families, say they are confident they’ll get hands-on, sensitive services, a professional attitude and staff, transparency, and the trust we build with their family when they need it most. Our caregivers are Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA) who are certified by the State of Georgia requirements. They also undergo additional programs and certifications that must exceed our high level of requirements and expectations before being accepted as part of our team. We hire based on a skill set and passion for people, aside from just a “warm body”.

How You and Your Family Benefit

  • Home Care Matters invests in additional benefits valuable for you
  • An independent and resident agency (Georgia based)
  • Customer Service Satisfaction Program
  • Caregiver Satisfaction Program
  • Added assets allow us to keep track of, maintain and follow-up on your family’s
    progress and well-being on a continual basis
  • ADLware: A State-of-the-Art software program we use for care plans, scheduling
    and telephony

Valerie Darling Bio

Valerie was born in Miami, FL and after a few family moves, grew up locally in the Marietta, GA area.  Valerie is the oldest of 4 (3 younger brothers).  She is married and has one child.  Valerie is the Founder, Owner and CEO of Home Care Matters.  Valerie’s mom, Dee, is the inspiration and primary driver as the how and why the business was born. Valerie says, “My mom is never far from our thoughts.  Mom was an integral part of developing and starting HCM before she passed away.  Our goal is to stay true to her memory and continue to honor her with the love, values, and ethics she taught us.”

Valerie has the unique experience with home care as she has experienced it from both ends of the spectrum, as a caregiver and as needing care herself as a cancer survivor. Valerie says, “Taking care of someone you love is a physically, mentally and demanding labor of love.  Taking care of my mom was the hardest thing I have ever done.   It has given me an insight and perspective not many people understand unless you are doing it or have done it.  I loved taking care of my mom.  I love helping others take care of their love ones too.  And now that I’ve been sick, it’s given me a whole new level of empathy and understanding for those who are sick and need help.”

Valerie’s schedule varies daily, but she loves visiting with our clients, families, caregivers, our network partners and being in the office. Says Valerie, “Every day is different, but I wake up excited about what we do, inspired by our team, clients and caregivers.  I strive to be a resource to the community.  I love my team and I love what we do every day.  I like to think my mom would be proud.”


Dee Darling

My Inspiration. My Why. And THE standard behind Home Care Matters. Through our own struggle for help and resources, we recognized the need to help others navigate this enormous and complicated health system.  We saw the need and we are answering it.

We operate Home Care Matters under our moms’ heavenly watch. We continually strive to make her proud of the work we do to always honor her name and memory. Every. Single. Day.

We are Home Care Matters and we are Dee Darling strong and proud! While her days here have ended, her gifts to us all live on through this company.

Thanks Mom. We miss and love you still. Every. Single. Day.


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