IHCA Member Moments: Independent Home Care Company Owners Educating, Encouraging, and Empowering Their Peers.

What area do you serve?
What is your background that brought you into home care?
Why do you feel home care is important?
You are coming up at the 4th year anniversary of your company. For other agencies that are in the start-up phase or working with a small team looking to scale, can you share what your start-up experience was?
As you were starting to scale your business and move roles and responsibilities to newly hired team members, what were some things that you recognized that slowed you down?
You have been implementing the Traction Business Model. What led you to make this decision and how have you seen this impact the care that you provide?
What have been some of the practices that have been successful for you when you are marketing to referral partners?
A lot of people in healthcare have been feeling burnout over the last several years. Is there anything specifically that you have been doing to address this?

The staff at Home Care Partners of Nebraska have dedicated their professional lives to caring for others and providing them the greatest quality of life, wherever they call home. Their company was built from the ground up to serve with a Culture of Caring for seniors in and around their community, Lincoln, Nebraska.

As a long-time professional in “Patient-Centered” care, Andrew Carlson strives to find ways to improve the way we engage with our senior community and anticipate their needs.

He has a passion to promote education, communication, and care coordination by sharing information and identifying services and needs which impact older adults in Nebraska. The culture he and his team created involves trust, innovation, and inspiration to improve the experiences of our aging population.