About IHCA

IHCA reformed as a BPO (business process outsourcing) for independent home care owners who wish to bolster their organizations through shared backend support.

Originally founded in 2019 by Kunu Kaushal, the Independent Home Care Alliance (IHCA) was created to meet the growing needs and pain points of independent home care agency owners across the nation. No one has truly resolved the pains of operating an agency, and especially over the last several years, we’ve seen caregiver turnover rates and the demand for care increase significantly, with little to no growth in support and resources for independents in the space. Kunu, a longtime veteran of the senior care space, lives by his commitment to help other leaders, all with the hopes of eventually “touching a million lives” (leaders, clients, and caregivers alike).

IHCA reformed as a BPO in 2021 for independent home care owners and operators who wish to bolster their organizations through shared backend support. The group also provides an onsite Home Care Institute of Learning and a private forum for owners to discuss operational pains, group purchasing opportunities, and administrative and leadership training for independent leaders.

Benefits of IHCA

  • Our professionals provide training to independent home care agency owners to help them implement best practices across all operational areas needed to successfully run their business.
  • We create financial leverage by providing purchasing discounts on a comprehensive suite of common products useful to all home care agencies.
  • Our BPO (business process outsourcing) offering allows independent home care agency owners to focus on caring for their clients while we handle all of the stress of daily office tasks.
  • We empower you to increase your visibility and presence in your community by providing tried and proven marketing and sales techniques to grow your company and reputation.

Our Mission

Enhancing care everywhere by enabling independent home care owners to achieve best-in-class practices.


Our Vision

We seek to serve our network of home care professionals by developing connections with key partners, creating a space for collaborative learning, and raising a unified voice for independents in the industry.

Our Values

  • Building Relationships with a network of independents and industry leaders.
  • Creating Synergy through a cooperative forum of ideas and operations.
  • Reaching Efficiency through ideas turned into measurable results.
  • Keeping Independence and the personal touch we value most.

Interested in joining IHCA

Our community of independent owners and leaders is always growing and looking to collaborate with more agencies that meet and exceed national standards of care. Does this describe you?

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